7th Dividend Payment
Dear Investors! The 7th payment of dividends has started. V-F-M will login in the next days from time to time, some people got their payments already. If you prefer a special service or time frame then please send me a mail at manager@eifund.net Thank you!
EIFundís Third Anniversary
Entropia Investment Fund
Entropia Investment Fund
1%TAX on OLA-24 and OLA-44
This month the Entropia Investment Fund is three years old! To celebrate the anniversary, and to thank the hunters and miners who have given their support by visiting the fund-owned land areas in the past, taxes on both of the LAs, OLA-24 and OLA-44, have been reduced to just 1%.
Taxes will remain at 1% until the end of February when they will be restored to the usual 4%*.
OLA-24 is located northwest of Silver Ridge. The mobs here are large Ambulimax (Alpha to Stalker). Resources that may be found here include Niksarium, Cumbriz, Blausariam, Terrudite, Alicenies, Angelic Grit and Force Nexus. There is probably more than that, let us know if you find anything
OLA-44 is located southwest of Oshiri Hearts. The mobs here are large Molisk (Scavenger to Leader). Resources that may be found here include Niksarium, Durulium, Megan, Azzurdite, Azur Pearls, Devilís Tail, Lytairian Dust, Lumis Leach and Henren Stems. We hope you enjoy the land areas and find many HoFs Good luck!
*We reserve the right to end the low tax rate a day or two early if Molisk or Ambulimax are included as mobs for the second round of WoF.
LA 24 and LA 44 filled with Fertilizer
We have filled both land areas with Fertilizer and set new respawn and density rates.
May the Golden Age drop some unique parts hopefully.
V-F-M is back
The V-F-M has got the new card reader finally. So he is back and will drop in daily again.
If you want to meet him ingame then try to catch him via SKYPE --> search for EiFund
Share Split 1:5 implemented!
We have split all existing shares with a factor 1:5. That means that every investor now has 5 times more shares than before. Each share is worth 1/5 or 20% what it was before.

It is likely this share split shall increase the number of investors in the future. We hope that a lower share price will be more attractive to the community.

The new certificates have a base value of 100 PED instead of 500 PED as in the past. A totally new investor must invest at least 500 PED. This is essential to keep the administration of the fund manageable.
Breer P5a and other items for sale
We have stocked our shop with some nice items like
  • Breer P5a (L) Weapon
  • MA-104 (L) Mining Amp
  • OA-101 (L) Mining Amp
  • LiveScanner IV - Tool
Please visit us in Twin Mall Lvl 02 Booth 7S
Watch the actual price
Watch the ticker in the upper right corner. There can see the actual price of a share. This price includes the 3% advertisment fee already. The share price does not rise very quickly because we pay out the income of our land areas as dividends every 8 to 10 weeks in average.
Three rounds had been paid until today. So if we did not pay dividends the sharr price would be 30 PED (+ 90 pec ad-fee) higher than today.
Paying Dividends
We will start to pay out dividends. Investors shall visit the Information section for more news.
Join the
Entropia Investment Fund
and become
an owner of a hangar
an owner of a shop
an owner of land area #24 and #44
a member of a great economic network
inside Entropia Universe
We got the LAs #24 and #44
Entropia Investment Fund
Entropia Investment Fund
The management of the Entropia Investment Fund thanks all investors who made it possible to purchase the Landareas 24 and 44 on Amethera.
Since January 2007 we worked every day for that goal. But this is only another milestone we have reached. There is much more possible.
If you wanna be a part of this then use the contact form and send us your ideas and plans.
Landarea #24 contains Ambulimaxes and on Landarea #44 many Molisks can be found.
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