Share Price Calculation
We calculated the share price pessimistically. Though we buy most of our items for a TT price, these items have a potential to gain some extra income. We do not use this potential for our calculation. The potential of an item is the difference between TT and market price.

An example:

We sell 10 shares for 100,00 PED each and we ignore the 3% fee for this example.

The Fund has then 1.000,00 PED on the PED Card.

Then we buy items for 500,00 PED from an investor for TT price. After this buy we still have 500,00 PED on our PED card and 500,00 PED bounded with items on stock. The Fund value is still 1.000,00 PED.

Then we sell a part from our stock Ė letís say 300,00 PED TT were sold for 105%. The sell price is 300,00*1,05 = 315,00 PED. Now we have 500,00+315,00= 815,00 PED on our PED Card and still 200,00 PED bounded in items on stock. The total Fund value is now 815,00+200,00=1.015,00 PED.

Remember that we have 10 shares sold. 1.015,00 divided through 10 is 101,50 PED. This is the new value of one single share.

Now, a person wants to buy the 11th share. This person has to pay 101,50 PED. We sell one share. Now we have 815,00+101,50=916,50 PED on our PED Card and still 200,00 PED bounded with items on stock.
Real-estate items:
Since we have got a hangar, a major part of the invested PED is bounded in an item that has no TT value. In theory, it can happen that a hangar becomes totally worthless.
Depsite of that we agree by our rules that we calculate the hangar value with the price of the investment at least.
This will be valid for all real-estate investments in the future.
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