Asset Based Fee
The asset-based-fee of 3% is a one time fee.
It is paid with the purchase of a new share.
Only the Virtual Fund Manager sells new shares.

We need this fee to pay:
advertising costs inside EU, e.g. signs
advertising costs major EU related forum sites
cost for Gold Card
costs for flats and shops
prices for events

The flats are located at
Omegaton Epsilon Complex 15H, 10280/10543
Omegaton Epsilon Complex 6B, 10261/10546
Genesis Star Tower E 1B, 17047/19666

The shop is located in
Twin Peaks Mall, Level 02, Boot 7S, 168274/83274

The hangar is located in
Treasure Island Hangar #03, 23085/26448

The land areas are located at

Landarea #24
Landarea #44
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